Gabinete Jurídico Internacional                        
Xabat Belaústegui Barahona. Abogado

International Private Law

We live in increasingly multicultural societies which imply an increase of legal transactions between persons or companies from different countries of origin. This causes evident problems on competent jurisdiction and applicable law. We offer legal assistance on:

- International Trade advising (export/import, international contracts, transport and logistics, insurances, commercial missions, international fairs, investment requirements in Spain). Specialized in Spain-Turkey relations.

- Intellectual property (rights trading, literary, software, audiovisual license agreements)

- International Family Law (marriages, divorces, separations, international adoptions).

- Exequatur of foreign judgements.

International Public Law - Human Rights

Although Human Rights Declaration was approved in 1948, nowadays these rights are far of being a reality in much of the countries in the world. While we are reading these lines, human rights defenders are persecuted, tortured or even murdered for defending a free and democratic concept of citizenship. But it is not only a problem of non-democratic countries. We must be aware also in our democracies where, often under a legal appearance, human rights violations occur. From our firm is Spain we offer legal assistance in human rights, including:

- Legal actions in the domestic jurisdiction.

- Appeal of amparo before the Constitutional Court

- Process before the European Court of Human Rights

- Legal advice on International Humanitarian Law